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Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers. From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts

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Competitive Quotations

FC Laser is committed to investing in talented people and the latest technology; both have helped increase our productivity and given us a competitive edge.

Through extensive market research we have found prospective customers are continually frustrated by the time it takes to receive quotes and the lack of a single point of contact at their existing laser cutter. We have invested a lot of time and effort in this area to ensure our quotations are provided promptly and efficiently to ensure that promised production lead times are achievable.

At FC Laser, each customer has a dedicated Account Manager who has a close working relationship and clear understanding of individual customer’s requirements. This ensures pricing is consistent and the individual specifications, such as added value operations, quality and manufacturing tolerances, are always fully met. Prices are based on premium CE marked materials but with our exacting costing system and modern production facilities we can offer competitive prices within 2 hours from receiving an enquiry.

Case Study

We were engaged by an aerospace manufacturer of non-flying parts, to deliver cost savings for them by using our more efficient and effective Bystronic Fibre Laser over their Amada punch.

fibre-lasersFibre lasers can deliver greater advantages in terms of speed in real-time, over conventional CO2 lasers and older punches. They can process thinner gauge materials much faster than conventional solid state CO2s.

We conducted a review which showed we could achieve significant savings for our customer in using the fibre laser, in contrast to the more costly and labour-intensive Amada punch. This proved to be successful, as the customer has retained us to cut their parts on a monthly basis. More importantly, it has enabled our customer to use their own machinery and equipment for more suitable work, thus reducing their lead times and increasing their own growth.

We now manufacture the parts for this customer using a Kanban system, which offers us flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We are also able to maintain competitive prices and ensure prompt deliveries

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Mission Statement

“Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers.

From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts.”

- Danny Fantom (Managing Director)

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