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Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers. From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts

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Why Draycott’s FC Laser values its staff

Draycott-based precision laser cutting specialist FC Laser has seen considerable expansion in its five years of being in business, including 30 per cent growth over the last 12 months, and it puts this success down to the quality of its staff and the services they provide.

In the last year, FC Laser has recruited 10 members of staff, bringing the total to 51, and it believes in motivating and rewarding employees to make them more productive and generate even more growth.

One way it has done this is to make Mondays a special day, when all staff wear smiley face ‘Happy’ t-shirts and embrace the ‘can do’ attitude that was put forward at a recent ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ interactive training workshop.

Another way staff are motivated is through FC Laser’s partnership with Perkbox, a specialist in employee benefits that believes happy workers are engaged workers. Perkbox offers hundreds of savings with some of the UK’s leading brands and creates social and physical hubs that enable employees to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Staff give each other badges that identify who has earned a reward and FC Laser says this camaraderie really makes a difference in the workplace.

FC Laser’s General Manager Steve Connolly says: “We have seen phenomenal growth since we began five years ago and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of our staff. The workshop was fantastic and all our staff were fully engaged in the training, which they’ve used to improve customer relations and deliver top quality service every single time.”

Steve adds: “Our approach to our staff helps to boost motivation and create a more inspirational place to work. This sets us apart from our competitors and puts us on the road to yet more success and more growth. This year has been the best so far and we are confident that 2018 will be even better.”

FC Laser’s Managing Director Danny Fantom concurs that the company’s success is down to its philosophy of investing in the best people, technology and materials and being committed 100 per cent to offering a world class service. This approach, he says, ensures FC Laser always delivers on its promises to customers, from a rapid response to any enquiry to the quick and safe delivery of finished parts.

“We promise customers that we will deliver their products on time and to the highest possible quality and we keep to that promise every time,” says Danny. “That’s how we have achieved such a fantastic year of growth and why we continue to take on key staff as we increase our market share.”

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“Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers.

From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts.”

- Danny Fantom (Managing Director)

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