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Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers. From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts

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FC Laser Announces NEW Appointments

FC Laser Ltd, a leading precision laser cutting company, today announced four new appointments including two key positions in quality management and engineering and fabrication.

new appointments
From left to right: Steve Connolly, Sales Manager; Richard Armstrong, Shift Quality Manager; Emma Collins, Administration Apprentice; Andy Paterson, Shift Quality Manager; Jack Middleton, Machine Setting Apprentice and Aaron Cotterill, Goods In and Despatch Manager.

Steve Connolly was appointed as the new Sales Manager in January this year. Armed with robust product knowledge and with over 16 years of experience in laser cutting, Steve plays a key role in achieving sales targets, generating leads for the company, and maintaining relationships with customers. He also develops improvements in the company’s quotation procedures while working closely with the sales team to understand their customers’ specific needs.

In order to ensure their high standards of quality are maintained, the company has created two new roles – Richard Armstrong and Andy Paterson have been appointed as Shift Quality Managers. Richard, who has achieved black belt status in Six Sigma, has a distinguished track record in delivering quality management solutions while Andy is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in quality control.

Both Richard and Andy will work closely with Paul Brudenell, the company’s Production Manager, to support each shift and ensure that the quality of materials, cutting and the value that is added, meet their customers’ specifications. They will conduct regular spot checks on parts and introduce preventive measures and training requirements to avert the recurrence of any errors.

Aaron Cotterill has been appointed to the role of Goods In and Despatch Manager. He ensures that all materials arriving at FC Laser meet quality and technical specifications. He also makes certain that they are stored appropriately and can be easily traced and identified in case a customer requires material test certificates, or documentation for parts that must adhere to the new EN1090 Construction Standards.

Commenting on the new appointments, Danny Fantom, FC Laser’s managing director, said,

I am delighted to welcome Steve, Richard, Andy and Aaron to FC Laser. They bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise, along with a unique combination of business acumen, customer focus and innovative thinking. In speaking to our customers and prospective clients, they highlighted a particular concern with the laser cutting industry. This is to do with the length of time they have to wait for quotes and a lack of relationship with their suppliers. Our newly-appointed staff members are part of a larger, concerted effort to reduce quote response times and build greater understanding of our customers’ specific needs.
Their proven success in forging strategic customer relationships, upholding quality control standards and engineering and fabrication expertise, will help FC Laser’s further development as we strengthen our ties with our customers and expand our offerings. These appointments demonstrate the commitment we have to helping our customers translate laser cutting trends into real business value.’

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“Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers.

From a rapid response to any enquiry, to the quick and safe delivery of ordered parts.”

- Danny Fantom (Managing Director)

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