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Nottingham University Sculpture project

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Our brief

When commissioned by the University of Nottingham to produce over 18,000 strands of aluminium for the Prototyping Architecture Exhibition of contemporary design, Team FC relished the challenge. Due to the vast number of parts required for the exhibition, identification and packaging was critical. The labelling and packaging tailored to suit our customers’ needs, ensuring that the assembly ran smoothly

Our solution

We set to work with designers and architects from Canada and the Nottingham University, creating a spectacular self- bracing mesh structure, which resembled a tree that measured approximately 3m high and 10m wide. The structure was designed to act like a tree and process carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The strands were processed on our Bystronic Fibre laser, which ensured an exceptional cut edge compared to standard solid- state CO2 laser. Fibre lasers can perform up to three times faster than CO2 lasers consuming far less power and gas. They can also cut a wide range of materials including aluminium, brass, and copper, which helps reduce lead times and costs.

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Our company goal is to offer a world class service to all customers

Design Services

We operate Bysoft and SigmaNest which allows us to import a diverse range of CAD files, offering greater flexibility to our Customers.

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Fibre Laser Cutting

With the very latest Bystronic 12Kw Fibre Laser Cutting Machines we are in the enviable position to offer the very highest cutting standards at competitive prices

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