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Shopfitting & POS

The Shopfitting & Point of Sale sector offer a mix of demand from 1offs through to 10,000’s off, all of which we can support.

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Shopfitting & POS

Installation of projects on site are time critical and delays lead to expensive costs and loss of reputation.

This is something we appreciate and understand, we offer a free of charge site evaluation on every outfitting job we undertake.

Pricing needs to be competitive to reflect the volume and we appreciate the price pressures our retail customers are under.
Our investment in Fibre Technology helps us succeed on both service and price. We are one of the few laser cutters with a Fibre cutting facility and these machines cut considerably faster than conventional CO2 lasers, so these savings are passed to our customers.

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Shopfitting & POS

Fibre Laser cutting gives a cleaner finish than traditional methods

All mild materials cut 3mm (and under) will be nitrogen cut which produces a nice clean edge which can be powder coated without

having issues with adhesion.

To support the laser profiles our in house CNC folding and machining services mean we can offer a comprehensive service for our retail customers.

You will be working closely with a senior account manager on your project, who will provide you with regular manufacturing updates and offer expert advice on any amends.

Our CAD and engineering team can help design products in tandem with your business. If you have an idea but need practical support, we can arrange project meetings at our facility to offer peace of mind.

FC Laser offers a deburring service on all parts to give a clean, safe edge to the material.

FC Laser work in partnership with a powder coater located within a short distance of our facility meaning we can finish your products without high carriage and sub-contracting costs.

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Our fibre laser cutting service is absolutely fantastic