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Our facility offers the Ability to cut 30mm mild steel up to 20% faster than conventional methods with greater edge quality at +/- 0.2mm accuracy

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Art Installations

FC Laser runs Europe’s highest volume of Bystronic 10 & 12KW Fibre laser cutters,

Which ensure an exceptional cut edge compared to standard solid-state CO2 lasers. Fibre lasers can perform up to three times faster than CO2 lasers and they consume less power and gas. They can also cut a wide range of materials including aluminium, brass, and copper, which helps reduce lead times and costs.

The cutting on our machines is so accurate we offer a tolerance of +/- 0.2MM to design. This quality of etching and cutting cannot be achieved through traditional cutting tools, leading to a stunning display finish.

We offer CAD & Engineering services in house and our dedicated account managers have a thorough knowledge of our capabilities. We can provide practical solutions in the creation of your planned work to ensure every job we contract for is project managed from design to delivery.

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Art Installations

FC Laser can source a specific material for your project.

FC Lasers excellent reputation has led to strong relationships with suppliers, so we can source a range of finished stainless and alloys including bead blasted and mirror polished steel. If you have a particular material you want us to work with, we can test production before you order.

The 12kW Bystar Laser cutter offers accuracy up to +/-0.2MM tolerance

Our CAD engineers can test the design of your project prior to cutting, ensuring absolute confidence prior to us beginning the production

FCLaser’s procurement team can source uncommon metals from our supplier network to get the finish you desire

If you need your parts Chamfered or deburred ask our account management team, we can provide this service in house

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Our fibre laser cutting service is absolutely fantastic