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Tube Fibre Laser Cutting

Our two LT7 fiber tube lasers are by far the most complete and advanced laser cutting tubes on the market today. Our facility perfectly balances efficiency in production and quality.

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Fibre Tube Laser Cutting

Our facility perfectly balances efficiency in production and quality.

Both BLM LT7 tube lasers allow automatic tube changes whilst achieving maximum accuracy adapting the cutting head to the real working conditions of the tube quality. The machine storage can hold bars up to 7,500mm in length allowing for cutting up to 7,350mm. The 3D cutting diameter ranges from 12 to 152mm with a maximum combined wall thickness of 12mm for mild steel.

At the end of each part batch, the loader, spindle, steady rest and supports automatically adapt to the new section to be cut, without ever interrupting the production cycle.

Entire traditional machining operations can now be laser cut, removing from the manufacturing process sawing, deburring, punching, notching, drilling and milling. Eliminating these multiple, traditional machining operations prevents potential accumulative errors associated with consecutive manufacturing processes and all the associated handling and touch-time costs.

3D Fibre Laser Cutting

The LT7 fiber tube laser is by far the most complete and advanced laser cutting tube on the market today

By providing a high technology but cost effective solution, the LT7 fibre lasertube simplifies production planning and job routing. Due to its inherent accuracy, it produces genuine production benefits in simplifying or eliminating welding jigs or even the welding process all together.

One of the key benefits of laser cutting tube is the savings users receive in direct labour and reductions in cycle times

By providing the team with STEP files we can upload your job onto our machine immediately with unerring accuracy

Traditional machining operations can be laser cut

With inherent accuracy the LT7 Tube laser can simplify welding jigs

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Our fibre laser cutting service is absolutely fantastic

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LT7 key features and benefits:

Fibre technology

Fibre technology

offers the most productive and cost-effective laser cutting solution compared to CO2

Active Scan

Active Scan

compensates for potential errors induced by distorted tubes

Active Speed

Active Speed

adjusts parameters in real time according to the conditions of the tube creating superior cut quality

Active Marking

Active Marking

allows etching of part numbers, ID, order numbers or anything else for traceability

Active Weld

Active Weld

detection requires no mechanical adjustment. The LT7 detects weld positions using optical sensors and sets up accordingly.

Auto load

Auto load

large jobs can be programmed with the LT7 back loaded with material ready to be processed

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