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Sydney Opera House Elevator parts

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Our brief

When we were appointed by a lift and wheelchair access manufacturer to deliver precision laser cutting and folding services for several prestigious architectural projects including the Sydney Opera House we were delighted, as this gave Team FC the opportunity to display their exacting standards of accuracy.

Our solution

All the new steel work was to be covered with original materials by our client including stone, slate and brick, in order for the lift to blend seamlessly with the existing surroundings. Once it was completed, the new installation appeared as if it were an original feature. The client was impressed to find that the staircase would retract and operate as a lift allowing wheelchair access once it was activated.
Folding the steel for the project required an exacting standard of accuracy, much tighter than the usual ±0.25mm across (up to) six bends. Working closely with our client’s design team, we advised them of the precise K Factor to apply in their SolidWorks® software. These calculations, in conjunction with the accuracy of the FC laser tooling, allowed the client to achieve the necessary tolerances.

Since access to some of the sites was limited and costly, we conducted regular product inspections during the manufacturing process to ensure the assembly was trouble-free.

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Sydney Opera House Elevator parts

Services used

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CNC Folding

Continuing our partnership with Bystronic we have Five CNC press brakes with a broad range of tooling offering value to our laser profiles

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Welding & Fabrication services

Our machine shop offers four Mig/Tig welding bays. We also offer a countersink, drill and tap, and pemming service to supply complete manufactured components.

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Fibre Laser Cutting

With the very latest Bystronic 12Kw Fibre Laser Cutting Machines we are in the enviable position to offer the very highest cutting standards at competitive prices

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Our fibre laser cutting service is absolutely fantastic