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We stock European sourced, food and medical grade metals as standard

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Alongside our accreditations, we pride ourselves on the quality of material we use.

Our standard use stainles is European sourced, food and medical grade steel. Before sending any part’s, our work must go through several quality checks to maintain the highest standard’s we offer to all our customers’. As an additional check all medical equipment is individually checked for for scratching and imperfections which could lead to debris build up.

FC Laser have got a wealth of experience in providing solutions for rapid turnaround parts and products. We were instrumental in supplying parts for ventilators during the 2020 COVID-19 response and continue to supply the NHS with trolley parts and machine housing.

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Our in-house design team have established several products in the medical sector

FC Laser have provided the football community with Sanitiser stations and signage. Our designs offered a practical and durable solution to an environment which sees a high volume of transit, requiring a product that could provide a high capacity sanitiser tank and a rapid delivery system.

FC Laser stocks Medical grade, European sourced stainless steel as standard

Due to the use of each part our quality supervisors perform additional scratch checks on each part to ensure each item is in pristine condition to use

The COVID-19 Pandemic created a new market for personal protective equipment (PPE) FC Laser have helped product products for use at major footballing venues and the NHS - these products are suitable for all companies and venues

With sophisticated production systems and 1,300 weekly production hours capacity we can turnaround any Medical job at an industry leading pace

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