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‘Thank you to the FC Laser team, the stations look great and will be a safe welcoming for our fans entering the stadium’

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Our brief

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on sport. Notts County Football club needed to ensure their stadium and club store were COVID secure in time to welcome fans back to Meadow Lane.

Following a meeting with their stadium safety manager we set to work.

Our solution

The field team began by performing a site survey targeting key entry points into the ground and making note of average footfalls through each entrance. Once we had this detail, we set about designing a range of sanitiser stations which would be able to handle high volumes of traffic.

We came up with the design for 3 different stations.

An automated tower dispenser – designed with a sleek look and contactless sanitiser device. This was ideal for lower footfall areas and had an attractive design as fans entered the area.

A tubular pump sanitiser station – Designed to carry 10 litres of sanitiser fluid for mass footfall areas. Each tube carries enough fluid for 7500 individual pumps, making it ideal for stadiums

A wall mounted manual station – This was a test of our ingenuity, the main concourse didn’t have room for the tubular stations, so we had to be clever, we came up with the design for 11 wall mounted 1 Litre capacity stations to run along the full length of the stand.

Each design is available to purchase individually in our products section

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Notts County Football Club

Services used

The functions we used to complete this project included

Fibre Laser Cutting

With the very latest Bystronic 12Kw Fibre Laser Cutting Machines we are in the enviable position to offer the very highest cutting standards at competitive prices

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Tube Fibre Laser Cutting

Our two LT7 fiber tube lasers are by far the most complete and advanced laser cutting tubes on the market today. Our facility perfectly balances efficiency in production and quality.

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CNC Folding

Continuing our partnership with Bystronic we have Five CNC press brakes with a broad range of tooling offering value to our laser profiles

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Welding & Fabrication services

Our machine shop offers four Mig/Tig welding bays. We also offer a countersink, drill and tap, and pemming service to supply complete manufactured components.

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Sectors we regularly work with

Our fibre laser cutting service is absolutely fantastic