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Posted 22nd September 2021

How we found Subcon and Glee 2021

What a week! Two shows over three days with a team of eight, dutifully manning both stands. It has been exhausting, but has it been worthwhile?

Build up

Both stands where designed and fabricated by FC Laser. The designs took our Transforming Pergola and customised the structure to perfectly fit each show’s footprint. The build up was simple and a big shout out goes to GES for making delivery from FC to the stand as simple as it sounds. Both areas where completely as ordered, space only with good room to manoeuvre the stands into position. COVID-19 obviously, reared its ugly head with rules and restrictions which was adhered to by most of those in attendance, for the build up of the hundreds of stands. In truth the only sticking point was a design error at Subcon, which led to an additional wall being added to the right hand side of our stand (no big deal).

The stands

We intentionally offered two very different experiences. Glee was designed to showcase the quality of products FC Laser could produce, all ‘Made in Britain’. Subcon provided an insight into the growth of the business and the services we can offer. The two ‘hooks’ couldn’t have been more different. Glee utilised the products we make to create a ‘tasting room’ of products to sample. Subcon had an interactive site tour of the new and existing facilities. The same tour of our facility can be taken here.


In Construction (SUBCON)

Day one

Day one kicked off brightly for Glee. The team had a flurry of early enquiries and anticipation for the week was high. All guests to the stand where polite and enthusiastic about the products we showcased. Subcon had a slightly more subdued opening, but the day soon picked up with some old and new faces visiting the stand.

Day two

Day two saw a flip in footfall. Glee started slowly, whilst the team at Subcon couldn’t get a coffee! Once again those in attendance remained polite and interested in the products and services on offer. Nick, was thrilled to receive several words or praise for the design of the stand. In the afternoon Glee became busier with plenty of interest in the Pergola, including an offer to buy the show stand.

Day three

Day 3 and the team where tired! But, we plugged on and had a storming morning, both stands where busy and there was some serious buying power in attendance at both shows. We closed the day out with another high volume of enquiries. All that was left was the chaos of the collapse!


Stand collapse at Glee


The verdict

Would we do it again? Yes is the obvious answer. The proof will be in the coming weeks with our new connections, but the first days after the shows have been promising. There have been teething issues but, we have had some excellent feedback to improve further. Whether we do shows annually or skip years remains to be seen.

The stands in action




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