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Posted 7th October 2020

FC Laser welcomes 5 new apprentices

15% of Our employees began their careers as apprentices with FC Laser. We are immensely proud to support young people taking their first steps into a career after school, in fact our current 2nd Operations Manager was our first apprentice! Working in line with the national apprentice service we offer two accredited apprenticeship schemes. Our Technician Engineer programme allows apprentices to rotate throughout all key areas of our business, including our laser cutting services, second operations, fabrications and CAD systems, before settling into a long-term discipline.

Our Fabrication apprenticeship is better suited to apprentices who wish to embark on a manufacturing career working with a range of complex machinery. Working with Learning Unlimited Chesterfield, both programmes will accredit our apprentices with an NVQ level 2 Diploma in Engineering operations and a Level 3 qualification within either a Engineering technician or Metal Fabrication discipline.

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